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We have been through the Company Establishment Consultant and the Legality of Expatriates (from RPTK, IMTA, TELEX, KITAS, MERP, KITAP) since 2003 by serving various companies, institutions, government agencies and individuals.

We serve the Legality of Expatriates and Companies in Indonesia. Immediately contact us to get excellent service and We will take care of everything you need related to Foreign Workers Legality problem.




OUR Services

Work permit

Handling of Foreign Workers Licenses We serve the work permit of Foreign Workers covering PRTKA (Rencana Penempatan Kerja Tenaga Asing) and IMTA (Izin Menggunakan Tenaga Asing).

Visit visa

Foreign Visitor License Arrangement Our Visiting Permit service helps you with Visa & Telex Visa Extension, be it Single Business Visa, Multiple Business & Social Culture.

Stay permit

Limited Stay Permit & Stay Permit Legalization The residence permit for your wife/husband/ expatriates includes Telex Vitas, KITAS, KITAP, MERP, EPO and ERP tidak kembali.

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